Our Solutions 

SOS Global Solutions is designed and tailored for all of our clients.

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VoIP Phone Services

Our Phone Service is tailored to your needs. Big or Small, we can streamline how you do business. Starting at $24.99, we can create a plan right for your home or business with professional features that will help your customers be directed in the right area of your business.


Our E-Fax Solutions is designed to get rid of paper waste.
You fax and receive faxes by email or our web portal. You can designate a user to receive all faxes and they will be forwarded to the person it needs to go to. 
All User will be able to send faxes from their own email.

Encrypted Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Back Up Service is a great way to keep all your files safe from computer or server failure. Our backup software encrypts your data before being transferred to our servers. 

Managed IT Services

We offer a full Service of Managed IT Services. We offer remote \ Onsite support for your users. We also offer managed antivirus\malware solutions with automated windows updates. The moment the system sees anything critical on a PC, It will shutdown from the network and notify our support team. 

Network Install \ Management

From design to installation, SOS Global will make sure your network is installed with the best equipment out there. After the install we will monitor your network for any down time or any devices that could drag your network speeds down.  

Wi-Fi Installation

If your business or home needs Wi-Fi throughout, we can install access points for a seamless connection on any device. All access points are managed by the gateway for easy configurations. We will map out your building for the best possible coverage on new or current Wi-Fi setup.

Home \ Business Automations

From lighting, temperature, TV and more, your setup will be the talk of any conversation. Know who is coming and going from your business with our Door control system. 

Computer Services \ Repair

When your PC is on the fritz, we got you covered. We do most of our computer services on location. We can repair or upgrade most computers. Let us keep your pc running like new everyday.

Home \ Office Video Surveillance

We offer a wide range of cameras to keep your building, and employees safe. With a camera system that ties into your network, you will have access to live and recorded events from anywhere. 

Low Voltage Cabling

We offer cabling service for low voltage only. Network, Phone, Cable TV and alarms. Know that you can trust SOS Global in providing professional cable installation for any project that you may have.