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The Technology leaders of today

VoIP Services

Our Phone Service is tailored to your needs. Big or Small, we can streamline how you do business. 

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Network Install & Management

From design to installation, SOS Global will make sure your network is installed with the best equipment out there. After the install we will monitor your network for any down time or any devices that could drag your network speeds down.  

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Helpdesk Support

When your employees cant work due to a simple or complicated issue on their PC or Network. You can loose a lot of money and time. We make our helpdesk support easy for everyone to use. 

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We can provide all the security you need. From Network \ Client Security, Cameras and Door Access Systems, We can provide the best solution for your business. 

Cloud Backup

Our Cloud Back Up Service is a great way to keep all your files safe from computer or server failure. Our backup software encrypts your data before being transferred to our servers. 


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